Right Honda Scottsdale AZ

What's included in my membership ?

  • Lube oil and filter - $79.95 twice a year
  • Tire Rotation - $19.95 twice a year
Right Honda Scottsdale AZ

How it works and why you save

Right Honda's exclusive Carte Blanche membership program gathers information from Honda's database as well as your personal service history at the dealership to then tailor your service needs on an individual basis. This allows us to personally customize your service experience!

Our regular pricing for standard maintenance services can total well-over $399.95 2-year. By joining our exclusive Carte Blanch membership club, the average member will save over $100.00 a year on just regular maintenance items alone!

Members also get exclusive club discounts that just add to your overall savings you will receive while maintaining your Honda. Carte Blanche memberships are exclusive to Right Honda and Honda automobiles.

Here at Right Honda, we want to remain your Honda Service Department!

Additional Services

  • Check and top off all fluids as needed.
  • Check and set all tire pressures to manufacture spec.
  • Complete multi point inspection includes alignment quick check.
  • Exclusive membership discount on all parts and services.
  • 15% off any additional fluid services needed.
  • 10% off any additional mechanical services needed.
  • 10% off any parts retail area clothing and accessories.
  • Free loaner on repairs exceeding $400.
  • Regular Price= $399.95 2-year.

Ready to Sign Up?


Are there any mileage limitations?

None! Regardless of how many miles you drive your membership included services are always available, and easily identifiable in the CarteBlanche system.

What if I use my vehicle for business?

No limitations whether you are using your vehicles for personal or business.

What is the term of the membership?

Cancel at any time. We are so confident you will love the ease of use and hassle-free service experience with CarteBlanche, we don’t need to worry about long-term contracts. After your first six months of membership you unlock your full membership benefits, with some benefits starting the day you sign up!

Can I use my Carte Blanche membership at other service centers?

Unfortunately, no. Service outside our facility is not compatible with Carte-Blanche.

Is there any physical tracking of my vehicle on this program?

No. CarteBlanche has a strict privacy policy and only reviews your vehicles mileage during service intervals to predict maintenance needs.