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Emission System Service in Scottsdale Arizona

The Emission System helps the engine run efficiently and as cleanly as possible while helping contain dangerous exhaust fumes. The Emission System relies on a series of sensors, computerized control unit, and exhaust components such as the catalytic converter. The most significant benefit from an Emission System at peak performance is preventing pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides from entering the atmosphere. Honda recommends routine inspections of the Emission System to ensure that vital components are not worn or defective. If your Honda car, truck, van, or SUV has a lit emission warning light, it is important to schedule service quickly before the problem gets worse. If the emission warning light is blinking, this indicates a more severe problem that requires immediate attention. If the light is flashing, we always advise our customers to pull over safely and give us a call at Right Honda. Our service center is conveniently located at 7875 East Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd Scottsdale AZ 85260

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Does my Vehicle need Emission System Service?

Most Honda models call for an inspection of Emission components at a regular maintenance interval. The telltale sign of needing Emission System Service is the bright warning light. If you get a solid or flashing Emission System Warning Light, then your vehicle will require service as soon as possible.

  • Solid or Flashing Warning Light
  • Check engine light is on
  • Engine misfires
  • Poor acceleration or loss of horsepower
  • Failed emissions test

Emission System Service Explained

Emission System Service begins with an expert Honda Technician that understands your vehicle and its service requirements better than anyone else. The expert technician will use a digital diagnostic instrument to pull the trouble code from your onboard computer. The trouble code is used to isolate the root cause of your Emission problem using a proven inspection method. Once the defective component is determined, it can get repaired or replaced with Honda OEM parts from our Honda Parts Department. Rest assured that the Emission System Service will isolate the problem part and do what’s necessary to make the Check Engine Light turn off. When the warning lights are off, that means you pull away from the service center with peace of mind that your vehicle is operating at factory specifications.

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