Brake Maintenance

When you visit our dealership, you won't just be able to buy new Honda cars. You'll also find a service center that's ready to help you take care of it for the long haul. The experts at Right Honda can help you with all sorts of maintenance, including brake repair. It's important that you make sure that your brakes are in top shape and we're ready to help.

Basics of Brakes

Signs You Need New Brakes:

  • Loud noises, like screeching or grinding
  • Brakes are less responsive
  • Vibrating brake pedal

We're able to handle every aspect of brake repair and maintenance here at our Honda service center in Scottsdale, AZ. Your brakes are actually more complex than you might expect. The braking system is made up of a variety of parts, from the brake pads to the brake master cylinder. You also need brake fluid to keep your brakes responsive. When you press down on your brake pedal, this whole system begins working to bring your car to a stop. If one or two parts are not working right, it means that your brakes won't be as responsive but we can help.

Responsive brakes keep you safer on the road. Properly maintained allow you to stop, even on short notice, and avoid collisions. In situations where a crash is unavoidable, slowing down can help mitigate some of the damage. If you want your journey to be safe and you want to save money, proper brake maintenance is a must.

Why Choose Right Honda?

When it comes to your car and your brakes, you don't want to trust them to just anyone. That's why you should come to our Honda Service Center. They staffed by expert mechanics who know your Honda vehicle inside and out. They offer official Honda parts, so you can be sure that your repair work will hold up. They also offer a variety of other amenities that make getting work done on your car simple and stress-free.

Reasons to Service with us:

  • Official Honda parts
  • Experienced mechanics
  • Wi-Fi and other waiting room perks
  • Frequent service and parts specials
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